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hypno snake beach party by Skogsjones hypno snake beach party :iconskogsjones:Skogsjones 11 10 Bonnie by CartoonGirlsFeet2 Bonnie :iconcartoongirlsfeet2:CartoonGirlsFeet2 109 162 Pan's foot tease  by SomthingStupid69 Pan's foot tease :iconsomthingstupid69:SomthingStupid69 59 16 Lillie Passed Out By Jinkslizard by superdes513
Mature content
Lillie Passed Out By Jinkslizard :iconsuperdes513:superdes513 73 10
Katsunan - Yukimaru and Haku by KatsunanLover Katsunan - Yukimaru and Haku :iconkatsunanlover:KatsunanLover 15 0 Rebecca Silenced 035 by VirulenzeWave Rebecca Silenced 035 :iconvirulenzewave:VirulenzeWave 5 0 Boruto and Sarada's Foot Fun [Request] by penguinluver1431
Mature content
Boruto and Sarada's Foot Fun [Request] :iconpenguinluver1431:penguinluver1431 15 2
Sailor Mars - Foot Infatuation by ConventionalMage
Mature content
Sailor Mars - Foot Infatuation :iconconventionalmage:ConventionalMage 27 4
Hau's Soft Bare Feet by TheMysticalArtist
Mature content
Hau's Soft Bare Feet :iconthemysticalartist:TheMysticalArtist 14 5
Mature content
Cammy vs Chun-Li: Smelliest feet battle! :iconcrossman200:Crossman200 14 0
May Jinju Lee's Ticklish Barefeet by TheMysticalArtist
Mature content
May Jinju Lee's Ticklish Barefeet :iconthemysticalartist:TheMysticalArtist 3 3
Lillie's Blushing Barefeet by TheMysticalArtist
Mature content
Lillie's Blushing Barefeet :iconthemysticalartist:TheMysticalArtist 9 3
Sora's Happy Barefeet by TheMysticalArtist
Mature content
Sora's Happy Barefeet :iconthemysticalartist:TheMysticalArtist 5 3
Brothers Sleeping Barefeet by TheMysticalArtist
Mature content
Brothers Sleeping Barefeet :iconthemysticalartist:TheMysticalArtist 8 4
Tickle me Ogino by PhantomGline Tickle me Ogino :iconphantomgline:PhantomGline 81 17 Kimari's Hypnotic Feet III by ConventionalMage
Mature content
Kimari's Hypnotic Feet III :iconconventionalmage:ConventionalMage 22 12


Like new people? Love Hypnotic foot fetish artwork? Then you need to see Conventional​Mage's gallery... He is new to DA and is very talented. His foot fetish artwork and especially the Fairy Tail pieces are very good and creative. His design and creative ingenuity makes them unique. The character facial expressions looked like they're ​truly hypnotized by their own feet. That is why he's being recognized as the artist of the month. Keep up the good work! ^_^
May Artist of the month- SleeperHolger

You like 3d artwork? You like sleepy fetish artwork? One good artist at both is SleeperHolger. He uses a combination of MMD animation and other graphic programs​ to create not just 1 pic but create a whole gallery. He does very good creating lifelike characters with exceptional detail with a very unique storyline described by his pictures. His detail and unique storyline describes his unique style, which makes him May's Artist of the Month


United States
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite cartoon character: Ash (Pokemon)
  • Listening to: Rock
  • Reading: Deviantart
  • Playing: Xbox Live
Welp! I got tagged by: penguinluver1431

Here are the rules:
1. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
2. Answer 13 questions given to you and then come up with 13 of your own
3.  Tag people
4. You can't say you don't do tags
5. Tag backs are allowed (I don't mind being tagged back, but I won't be tagging anyone else after this one, even if it's technically the rules)
6. You must make a journal entry
7. Must be done in a week or you must listen to whatever the tagger says
8. Be creative with the title!

13 facts about me
1. I am a male.
2. I am big into collectible card games, primarily Yu-gi-oh.
3. I live in the midwest
4. I have played almost every Pokemon game.
5. If I had to knock out a character, I would choose Ash Ketchum or Wendy Marvel.
6. I am on my Xbox One every day.
7. Big fan of Halo and rogue-style games.
8. Built a 30 block high fort in MineCraft
9. I have a cat and a dog as pets
10. No girlfriend yet, but im trying
11. really into all anime
12. Not a fan of pop-up scary games, or haunted houses
13. I love all your guys work on DA

Q time
1.How old are you? 28
2 & 3. How do you feel about sleepy/hypno fetish? foot fetish? Ever since I watch Dragonball and see Bulma knocked out by Pilaf's gas, I had a fetish on not just sleepy and hypno but also foot fetish. On my page, you can see that I try combining them in the unconscious section of my faves.
4. What are your fetishes? I am not really into any other fetishes, just sleepy and foot fetishes only.
5. Have you ever had RL opportunities to satisfy those fetishes? No
6. Favorite Genre? Anime, Cartoon, comedy, adventure and a lil Science fiction and magic.
7 Favorite fictional characters? Ash Ketchum, maybe natsu, and Master Chief.
8. Regardless of fetish, are you sub or dom? I prefer either.
9. Hair color? Brown
10. Favorite article of clothing? Sandals duh
11. fave song? Monster by Skillet
12. Favorite movie? Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess
13. Last time you were in a committed relationship? never

MY Victims
sry didnt have many ppl to choose from...

13 questions for you
1. Xbox or PlayStation
2. If you had to knock out one anime character (male or female) who would it be and how
3. Fave anime?
4. What is your alltime favorite video game.
5. fave sleepy moment in an anime?
6. Do you feel you have a sleepy fetish
7. age?
8. Best hero in a video game?
9. Bros/Sisters?
10. What interested you to be a DA Artist or on DA?
11.Fave Artist on DA?
12. How many friends do you actually have? can i be your friend?
13. What is your fetishes?



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Crossman200 Featured By Owner May 31, 2017
Thanks for the favs!
firestar15 Featured By Owner May 31, 2017
I Love sleepy feet anime. ^_^
Crossman200 Featured By Owner May 31, 2017
Awesome! I hope to be able to write part three soon!
mirakor Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
I'll do my own RPs.
if you please
firestar15 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
Sry I am just new at this I am sorry.. :-(
mirakor Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
No problem, friend.
I'll send a link of one of my pics and you'll how's the RP.
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